Stylist Client Relationship Agreement
LUXURYMRKT values every stylist and their clients. The stylists are the backbone of our company and we adhere to strict guidelines to ensure none of the clients brought to us by stylists are contacted without the knowledge of the stylists. All communication should be done from the stylist directly to maintain their clients trust. We do have software to help with outreach if the stylist chooses to use it to help their business but it is not required.

Contact Methods
This includes marketing materials, emails, texts, or any other method to try and gain the client as a shopper while the stylist is working with our company or even after they no longer work with us.

Automated Messages
Sometimes automated messages such as tracking, order information and cart/checkout emails might be sent. These automated messages are only to help facilitate certain processes and in no way to try to steer your client to shop with us directly.

Please email or speak to your manager if you believe your client has been contacted without your knowledge.
We value the business and relationships you have grown over your career. We want you to feel comfortable knowing your clients are in the best hands “yours” and the client data will not be used by LUXURYMRKT. Thank you for working with us and we look forward to a successful business partnership.

Thank You,