LUXURYMRKT adheres to strict guidelines to protect all members, clients and brands we sell on the platform. We never share information with any third-parties unless it's needed to process orders. Also we do not communicate with clients directly without an approval from their Seller.


LUXURYMRKT works directly with the worlds largest distributors, suppliers, fashion houses and brands. Each partner has different rules and guidelines that we agree to follow before presenting the offers to our members. We respect and ensure all members abide by these rules to protect each partners privacy.


LUXURYMRKT understands that brand protection is the most important aspect of our partnerships. Our company upholds the highest standards to protect all brands by restricting certain use in-commerce. This includes but not limited to: marketing materials, implying affiliation, advertising, campaigns and more.
LUXURYMRKT is not affiliated with any of the brands mentioned or sold in this website. All trademarks and copyrights are the rights of the brand


LUXURYMRKT only works with partners and brands we trust and have direct relationships with. All suppliers must provide sanitized invoices or valid proof of authenticity. We also do our own due diligence by testing products for authenticity through our in-house authenticator. All Pre-owned products are double verified: first by the supplier & second by entrupy. We take strict measures to protect each brand and consumer against counterfeits.